Sunday, April 15, 2012

Esther's Prayer

 Esther's Prayer stirs my heart with waves of hopefulness. 

     The double edged sword of hatred and ignorance threatened the existence of Esther and her people. We embrace the power manifested by Esther’s heart felt plea to our merciful God by entirely surrendering to His perfect and holy will. Without hesitation, Esther trusted that our Heavenly Father would bring about the answer that she and her people needed. Our loving God spoke through Esther directly into the heart of her husband. God's miraculous transformation caused this king to see her people in a favorable light. The result of Esther's surrender to God was the preservation of her people, their faith and their cultural traditions. 

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     Allowing God’s love and wisdom to flow through our hearts is our courageous first step of hope, especially when faced with 
inevitable losses. 

     Every positive transformation begins with our first step in faith

Please Read Esther's Prayer here @ Douay Rheims Roman Catholic Bible Online