Sunday, May 6, 2012

Abraham's Stars and Noah's Rainbow

  At four o'clock one balmy spring morning, I was blessed to walk with a contemplative, focused, young woman of very few words.  Quietly, and serenely, she whispered to me,  "Look at that shooting star! It's the third one I've seen this morning." 
It was the only one I'd seen...She was looking up!   
We set our hearts upon heavenly things  
     Our Heavenly Father promised innumerable descendants to Abraham and safety to Noah, for their obedience and trust. Someone once told me that by looking up at the starlit night sky, Adam could comprehend God's truths. These followers of the Lord had to "look up" to "see" His message of love for all humankind.
     Sacred Scripture instructs us to set our hearts upon Heavenly things.  Many are the Heavenly Treasures I have missed by not looking up with my heart during my life's journey!