Friday, August 31, 2012

To Forgive - 4

     Our Heavenly Father knows exactly how many seeds are in this giant sunflower. According to Holy Scripture, Jesus commands all of His children to forgive seventy times seven.
For = on behalf of/ Give = surrender
     He doesn't ever say to stop after 490. He expects each of His children to start all over again for repeated rounds of 490, as many times as it takes~more than the number of seeds in this sunflower. Isn't His forgiveness unlimited? Suppose He said, "OK , this is the 490th time! That's it. No more chances for you!" Perhaps the numerous times that the soul is confronted with the "opportunity to forgive" is a mystical reflection of how often Christ's forgiveness has been needed. Even more astonishing, are the multitude of times His sweet forgiveness will be needed in the future! Opportunities for forgiveness may present themselves, unexpectedly, in a variety of settings. Don't many of the offenses experienced in life take the mind and heart by surprise?
     Without the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and holy priests, it is too difficult to overcome the emotional pitfalls that require reciprocal forgiveness.
     Regardless of the hour of the day, each time I forgive is a new dawn of the Lord's glorious grace glowing through my heart. Each offering of forgiveness to my neighbor and brother is a precious seed that will grow into a beautiful spiritual flower.  I can present this sacrificial bouquet to my Almighty Father as a gift of thanksgiving for His eternal love!

Oh my Jesus, through the Immaculate heart of Mary
I offer Thee my prayers, works, joys
And sufferings of this day
In union with the Holy sacrifice of the Mass said throughout the world
For the intentions of your Sacred Heart:
The salvation of souls, the reparation of sin, and the reunion of all Christians.
I offer them for the intentions of the bishops and the apostles of prayer
and especially for the intentions of the Holy Father this month.

Praises be to Jesus forever!
May the Holy Spirit of our Lord assist me, as, on behalf of the salvation of my soul and the soul of my neighbor, I surrender to our Eternal Father's Holy Will.
May my every motive, thought, word and action glorify our Almighty Father.
May I imitate the Blessed Virgin Mary as I heartily strive to obey our Savior Jesus Christ.

En Los Corazones de Jesús y María