Sunday, November 4, 2012

Porta Coeli~Gate of Heaven

 My Buelita (grandmother) taught me that Porta Coeli (Gate of Heaven) is one of the oldest churches in the Western Hemisphere. It is located in San Germán, Puerto Rico
     Many years ago, I enjoyed visiting this quiet, peaceful chapel with my Buelita. She proudly shared stories about Porta Coeli with me. My Buelita posessed a vast knowledge of the history of all of the lovely, ancient religious statues and paintings. We both greatly admired an especially beautiful statue of Our Lady and Holy Child.
     Climbing the stairs is a reminder of the steps the soul must take to become closer to Jesus. The chapel, embraced by a balmy Borinquen breeze, and the divinely inspired artwork, evoke a tranquility of the heart. How I wish I could return to San Germán and visit