Sunday, September 1, 2013

Always With Me

Always with me
in my apron pocket, 
in the glove compartment of my car,
in my purse or backpack, 
nestled in the jackets of my Breviary and Bible,
on the bulletin board in my kitchen
Always with me 
on my bedside table,
tightly held while I sleep
Always with me
in the middle of the night
whenever I am afraid, or hurt, or crying
or concerned with an improtant decision,
reminding me of Jesus' healing miracles
Always with me
as I walk with Jesus through a lifetime of 
blessings, trials, discernment, loss, 
abundance, graces, anguish, joy, indescribable peace,
praying that at the hour of my death He will be
Always with me
The Rosary is the Gospel Prayer
within which we contemplate the life of Jesus
through the heart of Mary