Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Beauty of Intercessory Prayer

     While Joshua was fighting against the enemies of his people, Moses lifted his arms in prayer to Our Lord. Whenever his arms were elevated in prayer, Joshua's battle was succesful. When his arms fell from exhaustion, Joshua was about to be overcome. So, Aaron and Hur supported Moses' tired arms. Joshua overcame the enemy with the help of Moses' intercessory prayer.

     Burdened by grief, sorrow, indecision and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, exhaustion steals my soul's strength to make any connection with God in prayer. Then I realize that at these times, Jesus, Our Blessed Mother and all of the angels and saints are helping me in the spiritual battle that takes place during prayer. Jesus promised never to leave or forsake us. We are never alone in prayer. We are always uplifted and strengthened by Our Blessed Lord's unconditional love. We are cheered on during spiritual struggles by the prayers of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  How beautiful it is that throughout eternity, we have the supernatural gift of encouraging each other through prayer.
 "And when Moses lifted up his hands, Israel overcame. But if he let them down a little Amalec overcame."
Exodus 17:9-11
Douay Rheims Roman Catholic Bible