Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mystical Euphony

     We lingered after Mass today and sang some Holy Week chants and rounds. The acoustics of the empty church added a mystical euphony to our spontaneous chorus. Then we took a walk by the river as chilly April showers evaporated into misty golden rays of sun. Later, while washing dinner dishes, I was pleasantly surprised by the memory of how my Papi used to sing while he was washing the dishes.
     Sometimes he sang camping songs, or old folksongs from Puerto Rico. Sometimes he sang hymns. My Mom sang along with him. They shared a warm and loving harmony in song as in life. Pretty soon we'd all join in. We'd make up silly verses or invent new variations on the melodies. We laughed alot. It is a sweet memory. I am grateful that this joyful tradition is still alive in my family.