Sunday, April 5, 2015

¡Gracias por la Música Papi!

It was so much fun to sing with Papi. He played guitar and inspired my brother and me to do the same. We would joke about being tone deaf and all sing off key together on purpose at the end of songs, just for fun. Inventing new verses to campfire songs was hilarious. While he was passing on to the next life, surrounding him with all our love, we sang with him. After Papi passed away, I didn't think I could ever enjoy playing guitar and singing again. 
     A few months later, my daughter taught herself how to play guitar. It was amazing how fast she learned. It was like a miraculous infusion of guitarrista skills! We started singing for hospice and at library story times again. Sharing guitar-songs and stories, making up verses, and singing off key on purpose at the end of songs~ these are happy memories. ¡Gracias por la Música Papi!~Thank you for the music Papi!