Sunday, May 3, 2015

Rosary~ Quiet Consolation

   Gratitude magnifies the personal experience of life's God given beauty. God blesses our family with so many miracles every day.
   Yet, without you to talk to, Papi, sometimes the joy I feel accentuates the pain. My heart is repeatedly pounded by the loss of you. I would have cherished sharing so many happy moments with you. But, there's this wall.
     Fruitless attempts to interpret life's chapters augment unwarranted fears, that misfortune's tidal wave may crash each of life's new sand castles.  Vulnerability and powerlessness eventually succumb to the draining vastness of passing time.
     Earthly solutions seem to make things worse. 
     Dizzying mental fatigue eventually melts all unnecessary fretting into this crystal clear assurance: Because God's loving heart is central to all events, there is no need to "fix" anything.
     Nothing is impossible for our Eternal Father. His will and timing are perfect.
     Today, more than ever, I rely on Mary's intercession.
     The Rosary is my quiet consolation and expression of gratitude to God for His generous outpouring of love. Our Blessed Mother's beads absorb my heart's tears and are a beautiful adornment surrounding Jesus' gifts of Salvation.